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Blank CD-R (Compact Disc Recordable)

vLG Brand Blank CD-R

CD-R Multi Speed 52x

80 Mins in respect to 700 MB capacityCan make 5 Assorted colorsCan make video, graphics and text Quantity minimum 1 x 20' Container

CD-R recordable discs meet your expanding data-storage needs with their ability to store audio, video, graphics and text. Ideal for large files, data exchange, multimedia projects and jukebox/duplicator applications. These versatile, high-performance CD-Rs can be played back on CD players, home stereo CD players and computer CD-ROM drives.

Blank CD-R Made in China

Blank vLG Yellow CD-R Made in ChinaCDR made in chinaCDR FactoryCD-R Factorymanufacturers of CDs

Blank DVD-R (Digital Video Disc)

vLG Brand Blank DVD-R

120 Mins in respect to 4.7 GB capacity
Can make 5 Assorted colors
Quantity minimum 1 x 20' Container

A DVD disc provides more than six times the
storage capacity of a CD-R. DVD storage is ideal
for capacity-intensive multimedia projects, data
transfer, hard drive backup and archival storage.
DVD-R discs are write-compatible with DVD-R
(not DVD+R) drives and recorders. After
recording, DVD-R discs are read-compatible
with DVD-R playback devices.

Digital Video Disc factory
NOTE: When purchasing DVD media, it's imperative to take into consideration what discs are compatible with your DVD drive/machine.
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